Joe's skill set is straight from the plot of a bad Elvis movie:

He is a Software Developer, dive master, Australian resident, weight lifter and former pro-musician with an Electronic Engineering degree.

Unfortunately- he has yet to win the big race (and win the heart of Nancy Sinatra).

Joe has a long musical history playing in bands since 1973 and professionally from 1976 to 1982. He spent three years with Bustin' Out, playing in clubs and casinos in Las Vegas, Lake Havasu and California. Other bands he has played in include Night Louie,  (past and present with Randy), Eddie Hurikane, The Bishops and the infamous Thurston Howell's Boner.

 Joe plays guitar, mandolin, keyboards, sitar and occassionally bashes away on drums for as long as his friends can tolerate it. He also possesses an insanely high voice that has been known to shatter glass and drive neighborhood dobermans batty.


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